3 Facts You Didn’t Know about Grammar Fixer

Did you catch the typo in that heading? If not, you might be in need of our services. Spelling and grammar are two of the most difficult and yet most tedious parts of writing. You can never be quite sure when you’ve got them right. The uncertainty from situation to situation, the rather inconsistent nature of the rules – it’s certainly difficult. Fortunately, however, we can help you improve quickly and easily. We want to help you succeed and overcome all your writing challenges.

An Interesting Grammar Fact

Did you know that English is about 42% loanwords? That’s right: the enormous vocabulary of English is nearly half words we borrowed from other languages. Each language has its own grammatical and spelling rules, and they are only ever partly incorporated into English. The word grammar itself, for instance, plagues students. As in our above intentional typo, it seems like it should be spelled ‘grammer’. It’s written the way it is because it’s a borrowing from a medieval French word, and French has different spelling rules. It’s a mess, isn’t it? How can you ever hope to succeed in this hodgepodge of a language? Well, why not let a smart tool help you out?

Facts About Our Grammar Checker

Our grammar and paper comparison checker is one of the smartest tools around. It gives you a chance to fix your work without showing to another person, therefore avoiding humiliation. But there are probably some facts you didn’t know about it.

  • It’s free

Do you know how much a proofreader or editor can cost? The answer will shock you. $20-30 an hour is a low for a qualified, skilled proofreader just doing basic grammar and spelling check. How can a student afford those rates? They can’t, and nor can most young professionals. These proofreaders aim for high-level academics and other, similar clients. It’s right that they should charge what they’re worth, but for most of us, it’s simply out of range. However, our grammar checker is just as good at the basic stuff, and it’s free. You can’t beat that price. Why not try it? There’s nothing to lose.

  • It’s instant

Most people feel that a good grammar check takes time. How long does it take you to proofread your paper? A few hours if it’s a long one? How would you like to have it done in seconds? Just like most computers can calculate incredibly complex equations in a few seconds or even less, our grammar checker can rapidly check your paper for errors and produce excellent results. Getting another person to read your paper, or even doing it yourself, can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming. But with our grammar checker, you can get a comprehensive proofread in a matter of minutes.

  • It’s smarter than you think

If you’ve ever used the spelling and grammar check on a word processor, you know the frustration. A sentence gets marked as a fragment when you’re using it for a purpose. A piece of technical language gets marked as a misspelling. A tense is corrected to something that simply doesn’t make sense. Our grammar checker eliminates those frustrations. If you’re looking for a solid application that doesn’t frustrate you, our checker will fit the bill. We have programmed it to understand the nuances of grammar and point out things your spellchecker won’t catch, like misused synonyms.

Get Great Grammar Now

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Getting amazing grammar generally involves a lot of memorization and effort. But with our check my grammar free service, you’ll find it so much easier and faster. Plus, you’ll learn from your own mistakes. You’ll see what grammar checker frequently points out as wrong, and you’ll grow to understand it in an easier, more gradual way. Rather than having to memorize rules, you’ll develop an instinct for what’s right and what’s wrong. Learning and getting fast, easy corrections at the same time – what more could you want? It’s a wholly beneficial process that will ease your stress and teach you naturally.

If you’re looking for the fastest free grammar fixer, contact us now and see what we can do!