80+ Websites to Find the Best Paraphrase Helper in 2019

If you are looking for someone to “reword my paper” you will want to ensure that you find a service that you can trust. But finding the best paraphrase helper as well as online grammar check tool is not going to be easy. There are many different sites out there providing good help, but there are also many that are less than reliable.

Many students, academics, website owners, and even business owners need expert paraphrase help. Especially it concerns those who needs to submit application papers, such as radiology residency personal statement or any other. Paraphrasing or rewriting something in your own words is never easy. Most struggle to come up with unique wording of their own or they find that they change the meanings in some way. Because of this, it is often better and also quicker to use either a top-rated rephrase tool or an expert that you can trust to “help me paraphrase”.

best paraphrase helper in 2019

Why Would You Need the Best Paraphrase Helper to Avoid Plagiarism?

Plagiarism in the simplest sense is copying, something and can get you in some serious trouble whether you are a student or a professional. If a student has been found to have intentionally plagiarized they could easily be removed from their studies, while plagiarizing other peoples work online or elsewhere could lead to legal action and having to pay damages.

When you paraphrase it is very easy to unintentionally plagiarize. Many find that they repeat large amounts of the original text without meaning to. While the act may have been unintentional the results can still be the same. It is vital that when you paraphrase you make sure that the reworded text is completely unique when compared back to the source or other similar works.

Where Can I Find a Trustful Word Changer to Help Me Paraphrase in 2019?

If you search for “cheap paraphrase for me” you are going to find many hundreds of sites and services that will offer to help you with your paraphrasing. The problem is knowing which ones of the many services shown should you trust with your rewriting project. There are unfortunately many sites that will provide you with third rate support that is not going to meet your needs.

This is why we have gone to the effort to review and list the best sites that you could use for all of your paraphrasing.

Should I Use a Quick Rewording Tool or Manually Paraphrase?

It all depends on the reasons as to “why to reword my essay?” If you are looking for a top quality paraphrase that is well written and will impress your audience then it will have to be done manually and you will be looking for a high-level paraphrase website. If however you just need a very basic rewording for your own use then a quick rewording tool may be all that you need.

Tools work by swapping individual words and even short phrases for synonyms. They cannot, however, read and understand the original writing. They will, therefore, make many mistakes when selecting words as they cannot understand the context in which they are being used. Because of this the results from a generator must be carefully reviewed and edited prior to any use.

Manual paraphrasing is far more superior. It must, however, be done by someone that understands the source text fully. Paraphrasing is about repeating the meaning of something and not simply swapping words and the order of the sentences.

Our List of the Top-Rated Rephrase Tools and Sites for 2019

Paraphrasing yourself can be very time consuming as well as well as very difficult. Using an expert that has years of experience can ensure that the job is done quickly giving you free time to get on with more important tasks. Experts at paraphrasing will also ensure that the work is unique as they fully understand what constitutes plagiarism and how it should be avoided within your rewriting. By using expert help you will be able to ensure that your rewritten work will be unique, well written, and done quickly. Whether you want a tool or a manual service our long list of reliable services will help you. We provide you with a comprehensive list of services that you can trust as well as a review of what they offer you. We also offer you a clear idea as to what they will charge and how quickly their services can turn your order around.

The following are where you should seek out expert paraphrase help or a top-rated rephrase tool:

best paraphrase helper

Whether you need a quick rewording tool or professional help through a top-rated rephraser this site is the one to turn to. They provide you with access to their fast paraphrase generator for free should you need rapid rewording or you can have the support of their highly qualified and dedicated staff for more important rewriting tasks. Their staff holds higher degrees in the fields in which they work ensuring that they fully understand the source text. With their many years of experience, you are assured of results that will be accurate as well as unique when compared to the original text. All paraphrasing and rewriting comes with full money back guarantee and is supplied on time with a free plagiarism report.

Pricing: rephrasing starts from only $8.39 per page.

Delivery: you can have your text delivered to you in between 7 days and just 6 hours.

quick rewording tool

This service aims to support you with your thesis and dissertation papers. Whether you need sources paraphrasing as part of your literature review or you are looking to rewrite your whole paper to make improvements to your work they can help you. They offer help through only postgraduate qualified experts that are able to support all subject areas. Support is delivered one on one and they guarantee to deliver plagiarism free work that is perfectly formatted from start to finish.

Pricing: you can have your paper rewritten from $15.45 a page.

Delivery: services can vary from 30 days to just 12 hours.

top-rated rephraser

This editing and proofreading service is also able to offer you a full range of paraphrasing support. Work is aimed mainly at academics and students and they are able to offer you a high standard of rewriting for your needs. They will also ensure that work is carefully formatted to the specific style that is required and will include perfectly formatted citations and references as required.

Pricing: starts from GBP 28.75 for 1000 words in just 72 hours. There are however extra fees for formatting and plagiarism testing.

reword my paper

From websites to academic work this service can provide you with all of the paraphrasing support that you may need. Work is done to a high standard as they use only postgraduate qualified staff that will fully understand the source text that you need to be rewritten. All paraphrasing is done manually to ensure it is of a high standard and the service fully guarantees that the end results will be unique and accurate. They provide you with a full money back guarantee as well as unlimited revisions should you need some of the wording changes.

Pricing: paraphrasing is from $10.12 a page.

Delivery: you can select from 14 days to 6 hours to have your work completed.

why to reword my essay

This is another academic writing service that is able to provide you with many different forms of support for your papers and essays. They can help you with writing and editing and of course all forms of rewriting and paraphrasing. They offer a top level of support and have a customer feedback rating of 4.58/5. All paraphrasing is delivered to you on time and they offer you a full guarantee that it will be free of plagiarism.

Pricing: their rewriting starts at $13.24 each page.

Delivery: their turnaround can vary from 14 days down to just 3 hours.

cheap paraphrase for me

This dedicated paraphrasing service is able to provide you with help with all forms of text. They can rewrite academic papers for a new audience or web pages to ensure that they are seen as unique by the search engines. Work is provided by subject qualified specialists that are highly experienced with providing all forms of paraphrasing. They guarantee the quality of their work as well as ensuring that the text you receive is accurate and free of any copying.

Pricing: their services for paraphrasing start from $8.80 a page.

Delivery: your deadline can be between 7 days and 6 hours.

paraphrasingserviceuk.com review

This UK based paraphrasing service is able to provide you with expert paraphrasing to the highest of standards. They offer you help using staff that is fully qualified in their subject areas and able to produce fully accurate work. The results are always in excellent English and will read perfectly for your chosen audience. The results are covered by a money back guarantee and you are entitled to an unlimited number of revisions.

Pricing: starts at GBP 7.30 a page.

Delivery: you can have your work in anything from 14 days to 6 hours.

help me paraphrase

This is a dedicated paraphrasing service that is there to help you to avoid any possibility of plagiarism in your work. They fully understand the need to always produce unique work that will not be seen as copied in any way. Their staff are dedicated to what they do and have the years of experience required to provide you with the quality of support that you need. They offer you a full range of guarantees and you know that your writing will always be unique with their help.

Pricing: they offer paraphrasing from $116 for 1000 words.

top-rated rephrase tool

This service offers you a full range of support with all forms of professional and business rewriting. Their support is a cut above many of the other services out there and they use professionals that are highly experienced in the fields in which they work. Work is done quickly through the service and they fully understand that your writing must be seen as unique in every way.

Pricing: you can have your work rewritten from $16 a page.

Delivery: the service turns work around quickly in just 48 hours with urgent work being done in as little as just 8 hours.


This service specializes in rewriting essays so that you will be able to use them without them being seen as plagiarized. They use many different techniques to rewrite the original text depending on your final audience. All work is undertaken by a higher degree educated rewriters that will take into account your specific requirements to ensure that you get precisely the end results that you are looking for. All text is rewritten to a high standard accurately and is guaranteed to be seen as totally plagiarism free.

Pricing: you can have your rewriting undertaken at $0.055 per word

Delivery: standard delivery is 72 hours but they can turn work around in as little as 24 hours.

expert paraphrase help

This site offers you a full range of academic writing services across all different subject areas. They will always pair you with a highly qualified specialist in the subject area of your source text. This ensures that they fully understand it, something that is vital for accurate paraphrasing. The work is finished for you on time and correc