Checking Grammar Online

If you a writer, grammar is one thing that you should always watch out for. Remember that no matter how brilliant your thoughts expressed in your writing are, grammatical errors could significantly affect your overall impact to the reader. Hence, here are some of the most common grammatical errors identified when checking grammar online:

Ways on Checking Grammar Online

  • Apostrophe Misuse – some writers that say, “I want to check my grammar,” get confused on whether to use “it’s” or “its”. There are also some having dilemma between “they’re” and “their” as well as “who’s” and “whose”. Well, just remember that if you’re intending to shorten two words such as “it is”, “they are”, and “who is”; then you have to make use of an apostrophe and you’ll have “it’s”, “they’re”, and “who’s”.

On the other hand, words like “its”, “their”, and “whose” are possessive pronouns and thus, they are intended to be used to refer to someone’s possession. Sample uses are “its best feature”, “their favorite band”, and “whose father”. Additionally, apostrophe is also used when using possessive nouns such as “Mayor’s”, “Ella’s”, and “Jackson’s”.

  • Comma Splices–there are instances where a writer who says, “I want to check my grammar,” makes use of a comma to split two independent clauses in a sentence just like “I want to go to Europe, she likes to go with me” and “Sally’s mother died yesterday, she decided not to join our trip today”. This is technically incorrect because two independent clauses are intended to be joined in a sentence by connective words like “and”, “but”, “because”, “while”, and many more. Other than that, you can prefer to use a semicolon (;) instead.
  • Subject-Verb Disagreement – this is a very basic concept in grammar that many writers still fail to observe cautiously. To avoid this, always determine the subject you use in each of your sentence. If it is singular, then use verbs that mostly end with ”s” such as “gives”, “says”, “commemorates”, and “determines”. However, if you use the word “does” with your subject, your verb would be automatically in a plural or non-“s” form. Consider the examples “Anna does not TELL bad words” and “Does your father KNOW you are here?”

Checking grammar online is one of the best ways to proofread your writing effectively before submitting them. Just search over the web for a tool that you can use for checking grammar online fast and easy!