Funny Grammar Mistakes That Will Make You Roll on the Floor

At first glance, there isn’t anything funny about grammar at all. At best, it’s irritating to try and remember obscure rules that you just can’t get a handle on. At worst, it’s a literary demon that could cost your job. Doubly so if you write for a living! It’s not all doom and gloom though, as some people have provided us with hours of laughter with their terrible grasp of the English language. Usually it’s just a bit annoying to find a text littered with mistakes, but now and then we come across some funny grammar mistakes that are absolute gems and that’ll have you rolling on the floor. Read on to see exactly what not to do when you write your next article or whatever it happens to be and check text online yo avoid it.

Funny Mistakes on Signs

When companies advertise their wares on signs on the high street, you could be forgiven for thinking that they go through extensive quality control to make sure they don’t end up saying something ridiculous. Of course, if the person doing the checking is prone to mistakes in grammar, then you’re in for a chuckle as you drive past their storefront or billboard.

Take the company that tried to suggest its products would be invaluable to anyone trapped on a “dessert island” with the choice of only one item to take with them. Unfortunately for them, they weren’t selling baked goods. Everything would have worked out fine if they were. It could have even been a clever play on words. What a lot of people don’t realize straight away is that the correct phrase isn’t even “desert island”, unless it’s an atoll covered in sand and very little of anything else. The proper phrase is “deserted island” as in the people have all gone away or were never there to begin with. That’s when you’d really be in trouble.

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Mistakes in grammar can be catastrophic. Catastrophically funny, that is, and even more so when the writer is trying to be exclusive. “No Parking” signs come to mind. You’ll have nothing to fear when the notice states that any unauthorized vehicles will be “toad”. Unless the store owner is using a fairy tale witch as a parking lot security guard, then you’ve probably got little chance of turning into everyone’s favorite love-to-hate amphibian. You might still end up with your vehicle being towed away though, so beware!

We could talk all day long about the hundreds of grammatical errors that serve to brighten up an otherwise typical trip to the store. While we all get a good laugh out of other people’s lexical shortcomings, it would be great to know that we can avoid becoming the Internet’s next victim. After all, you don’t want to be responsible for your company’s reputation going down the pan.

How Can I Avoid Making Silly Grammar Mistakes?

funny grammar mistakes you have to avoid

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If you don’t want your business to end up a laughing stock and for your mistake to go viral all over the Internet, you had better get your affairs in order. Even if you’re on the top of your game, you’re only human. Anyone can make a mistake as a result of oversight or a momentary lapse of concentration. It can happen to the best of us, so why not use specially developed grammar checking software to make sure that your mistake isn’t the next entry on a funny grammar errors site.

While the best way to avoid making funny grammar errors is to read through your work after a little time has passed, this is not always realistic. Most professionals nowadays use expertly developed grammar checking software to make sure that they reach their goals without becoming an unintentional comedian in the process. Although being shared all over the Internet is usually a great boon, giving you much wider access to potential customers than before, you certainly don’t want your funny grammar mistakes to make your company’s name synonymous with ineptitude.

You don’t want to look a first class fool when it comes to your business or your job. Double-check your writing using a professional grammar checker and be sure that funny grammar mistakes won’t make you an Internet sensation for all the wrong reasons!