Importance of Timely Grammar Check

Committing grammar mistakes isn’t about silliness, but it just happens accidentally. For that matter, it would be wise to learn of some common mistakes to avoid, as well as some tips that could be useful for your grammar online check.
grammatical check

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Statistics Based on 100 LinkedIn Profile Reviews of Native English Speakers

  • Employees made 2.5 times mistakes in grammar as what their colleagues in the director-level did.
  • Professionals with 1-4 promotions made 45% more grammar mistakes than their counterparts with 6 to 9 promotions.
  • Employees that stay at the same firm or company made up to 20% more mistakes in grammar than employees who had six jobs within the same timeframe or period.

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10 Common Grammar Mistakes You Need to Avoid Now

  • Irregardless and unthaw
  • Alot and a lot
  • I, me and myself
  • Impact, effect and affect
  • Loose and lose
  • Overuse of apostrophes
  • Principle and principal
  • Borrow and lend
  • Improper use of apostrophe
  • The dangling principle

Remember the Difference of between These Words

  • You’re, your
  • Its, it’s
  • There, their, they’re
  • Then, than
  • Bring, take
  • Could of, should of, would of
  • Complement, compliment
  • Fewer, less
  • Lay, lie
  • Historic, historical
  • Principal, principle

Samples of Unfortunate Misuses Of Punctuation

  1. No parking: Garages in use illegally parked cars will be clamped
  2. Doing it right. Before your eyes.
  3. Slow kids at play!!

Tips to Improve Grammar

Constantly write! This is one of the best ways on how to improve your writing. You can have a journal or diary to list down some common mistakes you commit so that you can have a handy reference later on which areas you need to work on. There’s an intricate quiz you can go through and find out about best English grammar check practices.

Also, it would help if you would use an online grammar checker when proofreading and editing your paper, including essays. A tool like it can offer you grammar and writing suggestions that can improve the overall text in your paper. You will also eventually learn how to write correctly with the rules and standards you will discover from the tool when it comes to English writing.

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