Proper Grammar for Quotes

Quotation marks are commonly referred as inverted commas or quotes. If you don’t have much knowledge about it, here are guidelines that help you to make a good paper and know the proper way in using quotation marks effectively. Besides, to know more about grammar check online you may visit our site.

Proper Grammar For Quotations

  • Direct quotations: Use double quotation marks whenever you are enclosing a direct quotation. Take note that direct quotation is repeating about individual’s exact words.
  • Titles: It is necessary to use double quotation marks in enclosing short stories, poems, essays or title of songs.
  • Quotations within quotations: Use only a pair of single quotation marks in enclosing direct quotation, title or piece of dialogue.

Regardless, there are proper ways and rules on grammar and punctuation. Aside from learning proper grammar for quotes, it is essential that you have an idea about the right way in using punctuation to make sure your grammar is correct.

Proper Grammar And Punctuation Rules

  • End your sentence in three ways: There are only 3 ways on how to end your sentence. You can use a period, exclamation point or question mark. All people know how to use these punctuation marks but you also need to be careful next time.
  • Commas: One of the popular punctuation is comma. The comma is being used in separating three or more words. It is also used to avoid confusion when the reader reads your paper. For instance; she is sexy, intelligent, awesome and kind.
  • Semicolons, Dashes and Colons: These punctuation marks are used sparingly. Semicolons are used to separate 2 main clauses that are not joined by coordinating conjunction. For colons, it is used in setting off a series or summary after completing main clause. For Dashes, it is used to set off a short summary after the main clause.
  • Apostrophes: Apostrophe is the simplest; however, it is the most frequently used punctuation. Some of the examples of it are don’t, can’t, isn’t, you’re and won’t.
  • Quotation marks: Quotation marks are referred as quotes sometimes. It is used in pairs in setting off piece of dialogue or quotation.

If you learn about the proper usage of punctuation marks, your grammar will be correct but you also need to know where you will place it.