The Most Common English Grammar Mistakes

Perfection is necessary if you want to become an effective and powerful writer to your intended readers. Other than your creativity in putting all your thoughts together in a well-structured content, it is also very important for a writer to be watchful for his grammar.

One main reason is that misconceptions and confusions often result in your content. Because of that, the quality of your work as well as your integrity as a writer becomes degraded in one way or another.

As a simple solution, take note of these common English grammar mistakes and try not to include them again in your upcoming work:

  • The issue of Parallelism – common grammar mistakes in English especially for beginners or non-professional writers, parallelism is one of the most frequent types of grammatical errors. This rule simply tells you that verbs within a single clause should be “in parallel to each other” or should be in a uniform tense. For example, “Peter writes quickly and danced extraordinarily” should be written as “Peter writes amazingly and dances extraordinarily” or “Peter wrote quickly and danced extraordinarily”.
  • Subject-Verb Disagreement – it is also necessary for writers to watch out for subject-verb agreement in each of their sentences. This type of error is avoidable by always determining the word or phrase that serves as your subject. You should also identify the verb you will use to describe your subject. Review the topics about singular and plural as well.
  • Plural vs Possessive – these English grammar mistakes are basically a matter of apostrophe misuse. Common confusions between a pair of words like “their” and “they’re”, “brothers” and “brother’s (or brothers’)”, and “its” and “it’s”. In this case, just remember that apostrophe is normally used when you are referring to something’s or someone’s possession or attribute.

Another helpful step to becoming a more error-free writer is to make use of an online grammar checker. In just a few clicks, this tool will help you easily detect and correct any common English grammar mistakes within your composition.