Train Yourself: English Spelling Games

If you feel bored on taking spelling lessons but you really, want to improve your spelling skills, then English spell check could be your best option. There are now various games that are surely enjoyable and worth your time as you try to improve your skills in spelling. Here is a glimpse of some of the well-loved games that can help improve your English spelling skills:

English Spelling Practice Games

 1.    Scrabble

This is definitely one of the all-time favorite word games. It remains popular even in the online platform simply because having fun and learning can be attained at the same time by playing this game. The basic concept of this game is that each player should form a word out of the drawn letter tiles. Each letter tile has a corresponding score point. The board has also multiplier slots (e.g. Double Word Score and Triple Letter Score), which players should try to occupy with their letter tiles to get a good score.

 2.    Book Worm

Many people might consider this a classic computer game but it is undeniable that this word game remains as a fun way to practice and improve your skills in English spelling. Remember the cute, green worm with a pair of eyeglasses? This adventure game is basically all about forming words out of the given letters in the screen; the longer the word, the higher score you get. There are also special letter blocks that the player should try to use to get a certain bonus.

 3.    Hangaroo

This is another classic computer game that could help you elevate your English spelling skills. Its concept is similar to the game Hangman; the main distinction of the game is the funny Kangaroo whose life is at risk until you guess the mystery phrase correctly. If you are good in English grammar, there’s a high chance that you will not see the “angel” form of the Kangaroo.

 4.    Text Twist

As one of the most-played English spelling games, this game allows you to practice your spelling skills in a fun and challenging way. The main concept of this game is to form as much words as you can out of the given string of letters. If you could guess the longest word, you get qualified for the next round.

There you have some English spelling games you can find online to practice your spelling ability. Check and play them with kids. Learn more about these fun English spelling practice gamestoday!