Useful Resources

There is a huge variety you can check English grammar and get your writing to the next level. We’ve gathered a list of useful resources that can simplify your working process and help you get rid of mistakes.

The Most Useful Resources to Check Grammar Online

  • Language Tool works for more than 25 languages and gives you an opportunity to proofread your paper for free.
  • Grammarly is one of the most popular tools to proofread and edit your paper. You are able to correct more than 245 types of errors.
  • Translated Labs Online Spell check is an online tool. You can use it for free and check grammar, spelling, diction and punctuation.
  • References.net is a quality, human-moderated educational directory.
  • Online Correction is a simple online correction tool that can be used for a quick spelling or grammar check.
  • Grammark is an open source tool to check ands & ors, run-on sentences  and other common grammatical mistakes.
  • ieSpell is an online checker for your IE.
  • Spell Check Plus is a tool for a mistake-free paper. A professional version will cost you about $15 for an annual subscription. Its main features: advertising-free interface and an editor that can be resized.
  • Abbreviations.com is the world’s biggest directory of abbreviations and acronyms.
  • Quotes.net is an endless collection of quotes from famous authors.
  • USZip.com is a huge source of business data, ZIP codes and educational information.
  • Ginger Software is a tool to correct your spelling, grammar, punctuation or diction.
  • Convert.net is an online tool for any unit measurement conversion.
  • Definitions.net is a respected dictionary where definitions are combined with citations, examples and pronunciations.
  • Synonyms.net is one of the best thesaurus sources on the web.
  • Noun Plus is a software to check the usage of English rules.
  • White Smoke helps you improve your paper by checking punctuation, grammar and stylistics.