How Grammar Check Tool Works

Grammer Check Tool

If you didn’t notice our typo in the title, you might be in need of our help. Grammar and spelling are tricky, complicated fields where grey areas prevail. Commas, homophones, and synonyms are the bane of many writers’ lives. They make it much more confusing to produce an interesting, coherent, well-written paper. So how do you overcome this difficulty and create something great? Finding someone or something to check your grammar is a sensible idea.

Did You Know This Grammar Fact?

The five most common grammar mistakes for students are spelling mistakes, run-on sentences, sentence fragments, lack of commas after an introductory phrase, and comma splices. There’s a good chance you’ve made one or more of these errors if you’ve ever been a student! Not sure what some of them are? Here’s a quick rundown.

Spelling mistakes are obvious, but to go into more detail, the most common type is misuse of homophones. Writing ‘right’ for ‘write’, and other similar mistakes, is easy to make and hard for a spellchecker to catch.

Run-on sentences are sentences where two complete sentences are mashed together they have no punctuation to join them. Did you catch us doing it there? The two sentences are squished up with no punctuation. There should be a conjunction or a semicolon there.

Sentence fragments are incomplete sentences. For instance: “Great party!” This is something you can easily imagine someone saying out loud, but which doesn’t work in writing because it’s unfinished.

Since they’re not a part of the sentence as such, long introductory phrases should be separated with a comma. As you can see, we’ve just done it now. You can skip the comma for a shorter phrase.

Finally, comma splices are the use of commas where semicolons should be, they connect complete sentences. Again, we’ve demonstrated in our first sentence. When you have two sentences that could be separated with a period, use a semicolon, not a comma.

Our spelling and grammar check can catch all these errors and plagiarism remover online will help you to get unique text.

How The Grammar Check Tool Works

grammar check tool

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If you’ve never used our free grammar check, you might be wondering how it works. It’s easy! There are only three steps to using it.

  • Choose your paper

Perhaps the simplest step: pick what paper you would like the grammar checker to correct. If you have a long piece, you may wish to paste it in chunks so that you can work on it one section at a time. However, this is up to you. The checker is very quick no matter what length your paper is, so you have nothing to worry about.

  • Paste it into the checker

All you have to do is copy as much as you want and paste it into the box. Click the check button, and away it will go! The process will be fast and accurate, and will filter for a large variety of mistake types. The chances of anything slipping through are small.

  • Get your mistakes

The final step: find out what you need to change. Our grammar and paper comparison checker explains the reasoning behind more complex decisions, so that you can decide whether or not to change it. You’ll see the rules at play and learn how to correct your own grammar in the future. It’s a comprehensive service that lets you learn as you receive automatic corrections.

Best Grammar Tool for Free

You may wish to compare our grammar checker tool with others. We understand, and we are confident that our English grammar correction online service stacks up well against any other tool that you might be considering. It’s a great middle ground between the extremely basic facilities of a word processor spellchecker and the more complex – and more expensive – work done by a proofreader. If you’re looking for something quicker and cheaper than editing, yet more complex and nuanced than the basic tool, we’re the way to go. We are confident that with our great service, we will ready you for success.

If you’re looking for a great free grammar check tool, contact us now and find out more!