How to Find a Good Spelling and Grammar Check

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If you expected our description to be spelled ‘free spelling and grammer check’ you may need help! Grammar is difficult for everyone, no matter your level. That’s why we offer a free spelling and grammar checker that can help you succeed. But if you’re shopping around, it can be difficult to know which to choose. Check out our guides to know whether you need a grammar fixer and how to find a good one.

Interesting Fact about Grammar

Here’s a quick test to find out whether or not you need our grammar checker. In what circumstances is a semicolon necessary? Semicolons are the banes of many students’ lives, and there’s a lot of misunderstanding about when and how they are used. Are they interchangeable with commas? Are they used in lists? These and many other questions are incredibly vexing for students.

For your future reference, here’s the rule. You use a semicolon in two different circumstances. The first and most common is simple; you use it when you’re joining two things that could be complete sentences. See what we did there? Just like in that sentence where we told you about it! Try it again; it’s easy to understand once you get the hang of it. Could you put a period where you want to put the semicolon? If yes, proceed. If not, use a comma instead.

The second circumstance is a little bit more obscure and it’s likely that you won’t have to use it very often. You separate items of a list with semicolons instead of commas if one or more list item has a comma. For instance: “Please tell Sally to bring a large, white egg; two small, green, old snuffboxes; and a turtle.” You can see that the semicolon is where a comma would ordinarily go.

Didn’t know any of this? You probably need a free checker for your grammar and spelling to be sure you’re using semicolons and other punctuation correctly. But how do you find one?

Here’s How to Find a Good Checker

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The first step one road to finding a good spellchecker is simple. On the search engine of your choice, look up ‘free spelling and grammar check’. Choose a few promising-looking results to compare. To compare, the best idea is to choose a paper that’s already been checked by a teacher or professor. This way you can see what kind of mistakes you’ve made in the past and if the checker is able to catch them. If you don’t have a paper already checked to use, then just use any of those you’ve written before and see which one has the highest number of mistakes.

Now you’re ready to complete your check. All you have to do is run whatever paper you’ve chosen by all the checkers you’ve decided to investigate. Which one gives you the best results? Check what errors it catches and what it lets slide. However, also look at what it catches when it shouldn’t. It’s true that it’s easier to not fix things that are right but which are incorrectly filtered. Too much incorrect filtering, though, can confuse you and slow down your work.

Once you’ve chosen the best one, you’re good to go! It’s a good idea to test it a little bit more by running a few more papers through, but other than that, there’s little else to worry about. You are now ready to start filtering new papers through the checker.

Find Free Grammar and Spell Check

Does this seem like a lot of steps just to get your grammar and spelling checked? It’s true that it’s a little bit of work. If you want an easier way, just use ours! We guarantee it’s accurate and well-rounded. However, we also encourage you to compare it to others if you so desire. We are confident in our grammar check.net and we guarantee it will stack up against any other checker you choose. Try it out for yourself.

For the best free spelling and grammar check, come visit us now and be amazed at how easy and thorough our process is!